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Japanese Prefecture

78.5% of respondents lived in the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa), down from 85% last year. While respondents in Tokyo went from 65% to 60.5%, the percentages for other respondents were largely unchanged.
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What prefecture is your primary residence in?

Reason for Relocation

Just over half of respondents moved to Japan with a job already lined up, be it they were hired from abroad by a Japan based organization or sent to Japan with their existing employer.

Respondents who were sent by their employer to Japan had a median salary that was 70% above the overall median.

Those sent to Japan were also far more likely to be working for the subsidiary of an international company: 45% of such respondents said they did, compared to 19% of respondents overall.

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Under what circumstances did you initially move to Japan?

Residency Status

59% of respondents had a residency status tied to their employer (engineer, highly skilled foreign professional, or investor / business manager).
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Which residency status do you currently have in Japan?

Country or Region

Despite the survey being conducted in English, the respondents were quite diverse, holding citizenships from 68 countries or regions.
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If you have multiple nationalities, please choose one.
What is your country or region of citizenship?

The majority of respondents were in their thirties, and 81.9% were under fourty.

Women respondents tended to be younger than men, with 44.3% of them being under 30, compared to 28.7% of men.

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How old are you?
The overwhelming majority of respondents described themselves as a man. While we had respondents who identify as neither a man or a woman, we didn’t get enough responses to further segment their data while maintaining the anonymity of the individuals.
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Which of the following describe you?

Professional Experience

The median respondent had 5 years of professional software development experience, down from 7 years from 2022’s survey.

Male respondents had a median of 8 years professional experience, while women had a median of 2 years.

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How many years of professional experience do you have in software development?

Years in Japan

Respondents lived in Japan for a median of 5 years. Despite the considerable differences in professional experience between male and female respondents, the median time lived in Japan was the same.
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How many years have you lived in Japan?

Educational Attainments

89.4% of respondents had an undergradudate or graduate degree.
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Which of the following best describes the highest level of formal education that you’ve completed?

Professional Qualifications

17.9% of respondents reported they had no professional qualifications related to computer science.

Coding bootcamp grads had the lowest median professional experience at only 1.9 years.

Women respondents were much more likely to have attended a coding bootcamp then men. While 11.6% male of respondents had graduated from a coding bootcamp, 32.4% of female respondents did.

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What professional qualifications in computer science (or related fields) do you have?

English Ability

89% of respondents had a fluent or above English ability. A higher English ability correlated with a higher salary.
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What is your English proficiency?

Japanese Ability

Only 33% of respondents had a fluent or above Japanese ability. Higher Japanese ability correlated with a longer time living in Japan, with the median stay of those having no Japanese ability being 0.5 years, whereas those who were fluent having 5 years.
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What is your Japanese proficiency?
While the majority of respondents heard about the survey through their peers and developer communities, we also advertised it on Reddit and Facebook.
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How did respondents find out about the survey?
Respondent source is computed based on referrer data, URL tracking data, and self-reported answers.