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Employer Type

Respondents working for a Japanese subsidiary of an international company had a 73% higher median compensation than those working for a company headquartered in Japan.

42.9% of respondents working for an international company without a corporate entity in Japan were on the “Spouse/Dependent of a Japanese National or Permanent Resident” status, despite them only making up 14.9% of respondents to this question overall.

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Employer Industry

While 23.3% of respondents working for a company headquartered in Japan worked in E-commerce, only 10.5% of those working for a Japanese subsidiary did.
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Remote Work Policy

59% of respondents could work fully remotely, down from 70% last year. Meanwhile, 9% of respondents were required to exclusively work from an office, compared to 4% last year.

The more a company embraced remote work, the higher the median experience of respondents. While respondents who were required to work from an office had a median of 4 years professional experience, those working for a fully remote company had a median of 8 years.

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Employer Size

Respondents working for larger companies were more likely to work for subsidiaries of international companies. Among respondents who worked for a company with 20-99 employees, 8.4% of them worked at a subsidiary of an international company. Among those working for a company with 10,000 or more employees, that rose to 50.5%.
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